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Now buy Gold with Bitcoin; Gold dealer APMEX integrates BitPay merchant services

APMEX Bitcoin payment
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One of the largest online gold dealers APMEX will now accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. In a press release dated December 8, the e-commerce website announced that it had integrated BitPay into their website, allowing them to now accept Bitcoin. The online gold retailer also announced a discount of 4% to customers using Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Boosting Bitcoin mainstream adoption, Ukraine shipping company Varamar recently announced plans to accept Bitcoins and a few days back PwC Hong Kong for the first time accepted payment in Bitcoins for its advisory services.

APMEX CEO Ken Lewis said:

“The APMEX customer experience is always a priority for us and accepting bitcoin seemed to be a natural implementation. Bitcoin purchases are becoming more prevalent in the Precious Metals industry and we wanted to ensure our customers can shop how they want and have the best experience possible.”

Bitcoin towards mainstream adoption

Catalysing the mainstream push, the largest derivatives market by volume, CME Group, is all set to open its Bitcoin futures market on December 18th. While its rival and the second-largest derivatives market, the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE), announced the launch of Bitcoin futures trading on December 10th. Both the exchanges the gained regulatory nod from CFTC through a process known as self-certification.

NASDAQ, the second-largest exchange in the world by market capitalization, announced plans to launch bitcoin futures by the second quarter of 2018. While Russia’s Central Bank has allegedly banned the country’s largest securities exchange, Moscow Exchange (MOEX), from trading bitcoin futures till a bill is passed allowing them to do so.